Social Media Advice for Small Business

Social Media Advice – DO NOT Engage Internet Trolls

My first words of social media advice, be it for personal or business use, do not engage the trolls. I’m using the word “Troll” as Internet slang for someone who makes posts or comments to specifically cause bickering or upset, they have no interest in legitimately engaging.

On the other hand, ALWAYS reply to genuine customer complaints or concerns and whenever possible ensure that the issue is satisfactorily resolved. Complaint resolution is a great way to solidify a long term relationship with customers. When others see how well your business solves problems it adds to your credibility.

I know there’s a ton of negative stuff on social media. For some reason, it brings out the worst in some people. Right now, I find this is especially true of Facebook. But overall, I enjoy my time spent socializing online by hanging out with like-minded people and by avoiding the trolls altogether.

These days my favourite social media platform is Instagram, especially because I enjoy creating digital content. It’s also a great place to meet people who share a specific interest.

I enjoy building relationships and supporting local Cowichan Valley businesses on social media.

Do you use social media to communicate with your customers?

If you are not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. When used right, it’s a great way to share news about your business and to build relationships.

Take the following Instagram post for example, it’s one of a series of social media posts from Ironworks Cafe & Creperie that created excitement as opening day approached.

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