Want some Social Media Marketing Advice from Someone Who LOVES to Shout Out My Own Personal Extraordinary Service Experiences as a Customer?

Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media Marketing

Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Cowichan Business

Oh, and while I’m at it here are three more social media marketing suggestions.

As a local business owner or manager:

  1. Be present on social media
  2. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your social media accounts at all times
  3. Encourage staff and customers to post

Social media makes me aware of local businesses and good posts get me in the door. But it’s a bit of a letdown when I arrive and nobody that works there is even aware of the post I’m raving about. And, believe me, as a small business owner or manager that’s important feedback that you’re missing out on.

I mean, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t necessarily expect my social media shout outs to be recognized at big box stores. When you’re into supporting “locally owned” like I am, it’s nice to meet the person(s) whose post enticed me to come in and shop in the first place.

Plus, it’s been my experience that there is nobody better at bragging about your business than you, staff and happy customers.

Social Media Marketing Manager

As a small business, it makes sense to hire a social media manager. They can help create and implement online marketing campaigns. Also to help develop your online brand and administer your accounts. If like most small businesses, you have a limited social media marketing budget then you’ll want to put their expertise to the best use.

As a manager, they oversee all aspects of your accounts, track campaign performances and provide you with reports. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be the sole provider of creative content. Encouraging staff to actively participate in social media can save you money. Plus, it really is hard to beat GENUINELY proud of where I work posts.

I leave with you one final social media marketing suggestion, and it’s a biggie. Participate yourself, be familiar with your social media followers and engage with your biggest supporters (customers and staff alike).

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