On My Social Media Radar September 2019

Cowichan Valley Social Media Radar

Here are some effective Instagram posts by Cowichan Valley businesses that landed on my social media radar last month.

Sure I admire professionally produced social media content. But, I find realistic posts made by staff and owners to be more effective for small businesses targeting a local market.

Expertise and pride of workmanship shine through, and for me that’s important.

On My Social Media Radar For Expertise & Value

I like this Instagram post by @cowichanhydroponics because it provides something of value to their followers. As well, it’s a topic relevant to their niche and most likely interesting for people following a plant growing related feed.

Showing off your expertise within social media posts is a great way to get new clients in the door; great job! 

Attention-Grabbing & Fun Instagram Post

Here’s one by @stationstreetcafe that not only caught our attention, but it also enticed us enough to drive in the opposite direction, drop in and buy a couple of their Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles to take along on our Nanaimo road trip.

This Instagram post landed on my social media radar because it’s creative, fun and it obviously worked! And, the pumpkin cheesecake snickerdoodles were so good that we just had to shout them out too!

Kudos @stationstreetcafe for turning a fun and effective Instagram post into sales! 

On My Social Media Radar For Building Up New Product Hype

This post by @nectar.skincare does a fantastic job of creating excitement in advance of a new product launch. It got me to sign up to be notified by e-mail when the face cream becomes available.

Which, is most definitely a response you want from your social media followers. Especially if you’re looking to build your own mailing list of warm ready to buy new customers.

Plus, the post rocked at getting people to comment. Bonus; I’m buying one as soon as the product is available. Fantastic Instagram post @nectar.skincare

I’m looking forward to some creepy posts popping up on my social media radar throughout the month of October. In the meantime, never underestimate the power of a good social media post.

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