Salt Spring Island February 2020 Road Trip

Ferry Ride to Salt Spring Island

I’ve been living in North Cowichan for fifteen years and I’ve always wanted to visit Salt Spring Island. I’m not sure why it was put off for so long, but this February we finally got there.

I remember my first ferry ride from the mainland to Nanaimo. I loved it! I’ve enjoyed all of my ferry rides since: especially on sunny days. When the weather’s right I prefer to stay outside for the entire trip.

Until now I had only traveled from Vancouver Island to the mainland on big ferries. I must say that when we arrived and pulled onto the tiny dock, it was not at all what I expected. I mean, I could clearly see Salt Spring just across the water.

Waiting For the Ferry to Salt Spring Island

It was nice being able to get out and explore the dock on the Crofton side. It was a bit brisk but sunny, and the sky was stunningly blue. We had fun exploring the dock, discovering some wildlife and taking pictures.

We befriended a chatterbox crow who put on quite the show for us walking around all majestic like while chattering constantly. I’m pretty sure we were being given a tour. He’s obviously very comfortable being around humans.

It was pretty cool watching Salt Spring Island grow closer throughout the entire, albeit short ferry ride. The feeling was completely different from trips to the mainland. Rather than being surrounded only by water, with no land in sight, I could see land from every angle.

It reminded me of my childhood, and summer boat trips to our small island cottage.

Exploring Salt Spring Island

I’ve been struggling with how to put into words exactly how I felt upon arrival. If I had to pick just one word it’d be serenity. The only way to truly understand is to visit yourself.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so the rest of this I Love Cowichan road trip blog post is going to be made up of pictures.

Before heading back to Duncan we stopped in at Dragonfly Art Supplies on Rainbow Road and finished off our visit with some amazing food from Al’s Gourmet Falafel.

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