About The I Love Cowichan Team

Shelley Lockwood I Love Cowichan

How I Love Cowichan Came To Be

Packed in the city life (Montreal) and headed for the Cowichan Valley.  I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, an aunt. I’m living the Vancouver Island life and I totally love Cowichan!

By packed it in, I mean literally packed.  Four houses were packed up filling a rather large moving truck.  While that was being driven across Canada we loaded up a car and two vans with four adults, six kids, a dog and a hamster.

We set out on an adventure to say the least. The grandmother was smart. She took a vacation then flew and met up with us in Duncan. We arrived in August 2004 and have been here ever since.

Had to leave my job for medical reasons. While going through my stages of “grief” and as I began to achieve acceptance I discovered new things about myself. My priorities changed, for the better. Life is short, and most of the time quite painful. I decided I wanted to do something important, but it had to be fun.

Turns out chronic illness can come with some silver linings…

I have made it my personal mission to support Cowichan business growth, helping to ensure a strong local economy. Teaching (while leading by example) the next generation the importance of buying local. As a bonus, when it comes to food buying local means eating fresh. Eating fresh means eating healthy.

My office is my car.

The I Love Cowichan team also consists of my husband Robert (@Icepilot) our daughters Brittany & Victoria and our niece Breanna. We like to explore Duncan BC, the Cowichan Valley and other parts of Vancouver Island. We are constantly on the lookout for treasures and adventures. Then we blog, tweet, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest about them.

My husband aka Robert aka @Icepilot takes and shares a lot of great pictures and does the majority of the exploration driving.

Every one of our family members living in Cowichan now purchases more locally. We support our neighbours, our friends, our community and we have a whole lot of fun doing it. We love Cowichan!

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