Small Business Protecting Customers & Staff Alike

Dear Small Business Owners,

As a result of the pandemic, for almost a year now you’ve struggled to keep your small business open. You’ve bent over backward to do whatever it takes to help keep clients and your staff safe. We understand we are grateful, we appreciate you, and we’d like to say…THANK YOU for everything that you do!

Small Business Customers Want to Know; What Are You Doing to Keep Them Safe?

As a high-risk individual, I pay attention to what safety measures are in place. Consequently, I really appreciate businesses and makers that offer contactless local or curbside delivery options. While keeping my outings to a minimum and doing my best to shop local, it’s sometimes been tough finding this info.

You’re putting all of this effort and expense into safety, but don’t forget to also reassure us with the details. For instance, do you offer curbside delivery, private shopping appointments, contactless local delivery? What online shopping methods do you provide? If you don’t have an online shopping cart can people email or direct message orders? What electronic payment options do you provide? Shout it out in your signage, advertising, and social media posts.

We all know that the pandemic has been particularly brutal on small businesses. People are staying home like they are supposed to, and so foot traffic has dropped. Small business owners are continuously having to stay on top of government protocols and are incurring the extra costs involved in implementing safety precautions.

Sadly not all of our local businesses are surviving the pandemic. Meanwhile, let’s do whatever we can to support them so that they can stick around.

Take the Support Local Small Business Pledge

For example, we’ve pledged to do all of our gift shopping locally and we hope you do too.

Thanks for the virtual visit. Hope to see you again soon.

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Take care