A Community Gathering, Trees & Green Bean Pie

A Community Gathering

Wow! Sunday, October 27, 2019, sure was the perfect day for a community gathering at Bright Angel Park. The sun was shining and the colours were stunning. Kids played down by the water and adults explored the woods.

It was a celebration. We enjoyed a potluck with an incredible array of yummy food. A fire was lit, people gathered around sharing stories, drumming, and singing. The company was grand, and the conversation jovial.

I had fun taking pictures and our vegetarian Green Bean Pie turned out great!

Trees Glorious Trees at Bright Angel Park

I couldn’t get over the massive beautiful trees in Bright Angel Park. And, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a stroll through the forest on a sunny fall day in the Cowichan Valley. The fallen leaves made it look as if the ground was covered by a brightly coloured carpet.

Green Bean Pie

We decided to make our green bean pie to bring to the pot luck community celebration.

You can serve it hot or cold. It was good cold but I LOVED it hot out of the oven. The recipe is based on an old Parisian pie recipe that I’ve tweaked. But, quiche by any other name is still a quiche 😉

Definitely going to make the green bean pie again. I’m working on a spicy version with peppers and salsa.

I’d been to other local gatherings with groups but this was my first strictly “community” based gathering. Other outings were celebrations based, or revolved around groups or causes. This was simply a bunch of people from the same neighbourhood coming together to break bread, share stories and get to know each other. I loved it! Bonus; you simply can’t beat potlucks.

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