I Love Cowichan Blog Winter Break

As I get ready to hunker down throughout the upcoming winter season and busy upcoming holidays I’ll be less active on the I Love Cowichan blog. But, I’ll still be busy over on social media where I’m looking forward to socializing with Cowichan Valley businesses, neighbours and friends.

A November walk in the forest.
November in Cowichan
November in Nanaimo BC
Preparing for Winter Slumber
Diva the Dog hunkering down for a winter break from the I Love Cowichan blog. Ready to enjoy lots of couch n cuddle time.
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year — For Cuddling

Have a great holiday season everyone! See you over on Facebook & Instagram. I’m spending a bit more time back on Twitter again so if you’re a Tweeter please pop on over and say hi.

To all of you who support and encourage me…Thank you! The I Love Cowichan blog would not exist without you.


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