Roast Vegetables Are Yummy

Roast Vegetables Rock

I love veggies especially roast vegetables! There I said it, and I’m not ashamed 😏 It’s not just because they’re healthy, but they’re also delicious!

I didn’t make it to the Duncan Farmers Market this week so I’m running low on fresh veggies. Guess I’ll be heading to the Old Farm Market tomorrow morning to stock up. In the meantime for supper I had carrots, yams and white potatoes to work with. Perfect for roasting!

Roast Vegetables Recipe

4 yams
6 russet potatoes
4 large carrots

XXX Tex Mex
Holy Smokes
Lemon Pepper
Ground Cardamon
Fine White Pepper

Grape seed oil or other oil of your choosing
Grated Parmesan optional

Peel wash & dice the carrots, yams and potatoes.

The size I cut the vegetables into depends on how quickly I want them cooked. In this case I’m aiming for about 30 minutes, so I cut diced them on the smaller size. Same goes for the oven temperature. I want them super crispy fast so I’ve set it a 450. My preference is 350 for 60 minutes. The longer the veggies roast, the more flavour enriched they become.

If they don’t crisp to my liking, I switch to broil for the last 5 minutes. Every oven is different. Mine kind of sucks. Bottom line adjust temp and time to the crispness of your liking.

Time to Spice the Veggies

I tossed the vegetables in a large metal bowl with grape seed oil so that they were fully coated.

Before I go any further I feel I should warn you that unless I’m following a recipe I rarely measure spices. So you’ll only be getting pinches of this or a smatterings of that from me when I’m describing my vegetable cooking adventures.

Now, where was I? Right…

Then I generously covered the veggies with XXX Tex Mex by triple smoke and mixed them well. Using spice shakers I added a very light dusting of Sutton Creek’s holy smokes, lemon pepper and dash of organic cardamon and fine white pepper. I mixed the vegetables and spices for a couple minutes and added the Parmesan.

I poured the vegetables onto a greased tray and popped it into my preheated 450 degree oven. At the 30 minute mark they were perfect, with no need to broil. The roasted vegetables were perfectly crisp. Just the way I like them.