Christmas Decorating at BC Forest Discovery Museum

Building an Igloo at the BC Forest Discovery Centre
BC Forest Discovery Centre Logging Buildings
Duncan BC Forest Discovery Centre

The museum with over 5,000 pieces (from tiny tools, to great big chainsaws even working locomotives) is interesting and educational. There’s always something new to see and learn.  It was originally started with a private collection put together by founder Gerry Wellburn and his family.

The BC Forest Discovery Centre collects and preserves objects related to coastal forestry. It teaches people about what it is like and what it was like, living and working in forest communities of coastal British Columbia.

A walk through the woods is tranquil; nature abounds…BUT, for me I absolutely love the old logging camp buildings.

When I’m going through them, I feel like I’ve been transported back in time. Doesn’t matter how many times I walk around, it always feels magical to me.

Last week, the Duncan (Monk) team celebrated it’s second anniversary of decorating for the Christmas Express at the BC Forest Discovery Centre.

The sunshine was bright, but the wind was cold. Many red noses appeared (not just Rudolph’s).

Watch as the penguin’s home is built and they come to play.

I absolutely love the schoolhouse.  Whoever decorated it, great job!!!

Hard to show the lights during the day, but it will make for an amazing backdrop for the night time Christmas Express train rides.

Go team go….


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