Cowichan Valley Blog Goes Dynamic

What to do with my Cowichan Valley blog?

Is it time to wind it down and move along to other things? Shall I set my Cowichan Valley blog free and embrace #iLoveCowichan on Social Media exclusively? Or maybe take things in an entirely new direction?

When I first started it was a static website. Then the web progressed and so did the site. Which became a blog about the Cowichan Valley. Over the last few years, life got in the way and health obstacles kept rearing their ugly heads. Blog posts to I Love Cowichan became infrequent until they crawled to a stop altogether.

No matter what though, some things remained constant.

Cowichan Valley Beauty & Bounty

Cowichan Valley BlogLike the scenic beauty of the Cowichan Valley and needing to run errands.  And so,  I’d turn those local road trips into passenger seat photo sessions and have fun posting them to various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media is a quick and convenient way to share pictures of our beautiful Cowichan Valley and for shouting out local arts, causes and businesses.  I can cross post to various platforms at once from pretty much anywhere and even stream live.

Social Media apps are fun for sharing my local adventures. Also for taking followers along to other favourite Vancouver Island destinations like Nanaimo & Victoria.

Which brings me back to the destiny of my Cowichan Valley blog or rather, the new direction it’s headed in.

I was seriously considering taking the blog down altogether. Then it hit me. What a shame if all that preexisting Cowichan Valley love went to waste and simply disappeared.

So, that’s why blog posts are starting up again, the home page is going dynamic and that’s just the beginning of the new and improved I Love Cowichan blog.

Instagram Feed @iLoveCowichandotca

For starters, I’ve added the @ilovecowichandotca Instagram feed to the Cowichan Valley blog home page. Which means that each time you visit you’ll see fresh social media posts right here. Stop by anytime and enjoy pictures and videos from around the Cowichan Valley as well as other Vancouver Island communities like Victoria & Nanaimo.


Plus, the Vegetable Recipes section is being revamped and growing steadily

I absolutely adore shopping at farm markets and supporting local food producers, so I mostly cook with fresh vegetables.  Bonus! It’s a healthy habit too.

The vegetable recipes category started out as my own personal virtual recipe box.  It was just a convenient place to store them and easily accessed from anywhere.  As it turns out, people like to visit our recipe pages A LOT.

And, so the Easy Vegetable Recipes section will be added to the Cowichan Valley blog regularly.

Now the Facebook feed also appears here on the Cowichan Valley blog home page

Right after this paragraph, you’ll always see a fresh new #iLoveCowichan Facebook page feed that celebrates the beauty of our little slice of paradise. Filled with posts supporting local agriculture, arts, business, and causes.



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