Winner of the Winningest Smile is


It’s good for your health, it makes you feel good and you can pass along that smiling good feeling to someone else. These are just 3 great reasons to smile, the list goes on.

It’s always been my belief smiling makes you better at what you do; more successful. When you smile at someone, they will usually smile right back at you.

Which leads me to my point…ever notice how quickly people will mention an unpleasant experience they’ve had as a customer?  Well, that’s not my point. Sorry, had to slip that in there.

My point is….

Today’s Winner of the Winningest Smile is Amanda from Flynn’s Fish n’ Cafe in Duncan.

Of course the mouth watering poutine played a role, but what made this a truly special experience was that Amanda GENUINELY smiled the entire time that she interacted with us. She didn’t just take our orders, she chatted. She visited with us as best she could, while keeping up with and smiling at other customers.

Amanda’s radiant smile…

Amanda fromFlynn's in Duncan a genuine smile

I have promised myself that I will make more of an effort to share my service with a smile stories with other people and I believe even more importantly, to always thank the individual who is smiling as they help me. Encourage service with a smile by complimenting it when it happens.

Thank you Amanda and cheers to all you service with a smilers out there! Your smile helps grow a local business (and makes people feel good to boot).

Service with a Smile Award

Flynn’s Fish n Cafe Menu food is cooked fresh to order, reasonable prices, plentiful servings and when the right people are on…service with a smile. Ideal for take out.

 Support Your Neighbours Your Friends Your Community…Buy Local! Pretty please 🙂