Vancouver Island Etsy Shops & Local Makers’ Websites

Local Artisans & Vancouver Island Etsy Shop Gift Wish Lists

One of the ways I personally support Vancouver Island Etsy shops and other local artisan websites is by asking for their creations as gifts from family. For the last few years, my gift wishlists are primarily made up of locally handcrafted goodies.

And of course, I do the majority of my gift shopping with local makers as well. Either by ordering from creators directly whenever possible or by shopping at local stores that offer locally made goods.

I also encourage anybody who’ll listen to ask for and give locally handmade gifts. I look at it this way, when you buy a handcrafted gift, it’s like getting two presents for the price of one. A physical gift to give, and the gift of supporting someone’s dream.

Other Ways to Support Vancouver Island Etsy Shops

It’s difficult to tell exactly what information Etsy’s algorithm uses to rank results besides the number of sales and 5-star reviews a shop has, which can make it pretty tough for shops just starting out. I find myself wondering if on Etsy, like with social media platforms we can help other local shops via reciprocal favouriting\following. It can’t hurt, right? Bonus! By choosing creators whose work you’re a fan of, you’ll be growing your own real gift wishlist.

Buy from Etsy shops in your neighborhood. Not only are you supporting a neighbor’s dreams, but you also just might save on shipping costs. Often shop owners offer free pick-up or delivery options for locals.

Here are 10 Cowichan Valley Etsy Shops. Please go ahead and check them out. Put smiles on shop owners’ faces by favouriting the shops and some products that you like.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the new Star Seller program that Etsy has just launched. I’m really hoping it helps support growth for new Etsy shops.

Marketing Etsy Shops on Social Media

If you’re marketing your Etsy Shop or any small business for that matter on social media, you should grab the latest annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report from It offers insight into how more than 4000 marketers are growing their businesses using social media. I look forward to this report every year! I find the report really helps me keep my social media marketing strategy up to date each year. For example, did you know that according to the Social Media Examiner’s 2021 Social Media Marketing Industry Report “The use of Instagram Stories increased from 46% in 2020, Facebook Stories rose from 32% in 2020, and YouTube Stories more than quadrupled from 5% in 2020.”

So those are some ways that you can help Vancouver Island Etsy shops flourish. I’ve been trying them out myself, and I hope you’ll do the same.  Thanks for stopping by the I Love Cowichan blog. I’m grateful for your visit and hope to see you again soon.

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