Sunny Day Blogging

It’s a sunny day in the neighbourhood ☀️

I felt it only fair that I follow up Rainy Day Blogging with a brighter post, especially considering this afternoon’s spectacular weather.

This morning we were eerily shroud in fog. And, now at noon we’re enjoying bright rays of sunshine in North Cowichan.

Though, this is BC, so that could change at any moment; fingers crossed 🤞 to winding down the day cloud free.

Window Frames

In the meantime, today’s post was inspired by a photo taking extravaganza of two of my favourite fun filled window sills.

Each displaying an eclectic array of plants and knickknacks that make me smile.

Windows in two different rooms. One facing North, the other East. Yet, both with views of Mount Prevost.

They are framed and backlit lit by blue sky, rays of sunshine and colourful trees.

The kitchen window is more about the plants. I love this planter, it constantly changes. I originally grew herbs in it. It’s near the kitchen compost container and so I’m always tossing veggie seeds into it when I’m cooking. I never know what’s going to come up.

Right now those are pepper plants growing. I also sprinkled some dried flowers into the pot when a dead bouquet was headed to compost. They grew. I left them. They turned to seed and grew again.

I Love Cowichan Plant Pot Window Sill

Sunny Day I Love Cowichan Blog Post Kitchen Window Planter Peppers

Sunny Day I Love Cowichan Blog Post Kitchen Window Planter Tree Background

Window Sill Gardening on a Sunny Day

I just planted some basil & parsley in these two planters. I especially like to keep herbs growing in the kitchen. They’re pretty, easy to grow and handy for cooking with.

Just Planted Parsley Window Sill GardeningJust Planted Parsley Window Sill GardeningThese two planters make me smile. Plus, even I can’t kill them. Notice the alien 👽

Cactus Googly Eye Planter and Succulent Plant

The view from this window is breathtaking. I am so lucky to live in the Cowichan Valley where there’s a mountain and trees for as far as the eye can see in every direction.

I sometimes feel like I’m looking at a framed picture when I’m sitting looking out my windows.

This window sill is all about having fun. Well, that and filling it with plants that are pretty easy to keep alive.  All of these plants came from Treefrog Tropicals in downtown Duncan.

I Love Cowichan Sunny Day Blog Post Plants from Treefrog Tropicals in Duncan BC

I like window sill gardening. Not only do I enjoy doing it, the results make me smile every time that I walk into the room.

Which leaves me wondering, do you window sill garden? If you do, please share your pictures with us.

Anyways, thanks for popping by the I Love Cowichan blog and sharing part of your sunny day with us. Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you over on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest too.