Social Media Strategy That You’re Already Paying For

Often I see a simple, creative, and cost-effective social media marketing strategy that’s being overlooked by small businesses. It doesn’t entail any extra costs, in fact, it’s already paid for. And, it’s especially effective because the engagement comes from the heart. Which is about as genuine as it gets.

Staff as a Social Media Strategy

Besides yourself of course, who knows your industry, products, or services more than anybody? Your staff! Right up there with customers as cheerleaders, people on your team are the most qualified to genuinely brag about your products and services.

Part of the Job

Include posting to social media as part of their job description. Allow time during work hours for staff to take and post photos, especially those working in sales and customer service. Make sure you have a clear social media policy for them to follow.

For example, this was posted on Instagram by @mycurvyfashions.

Click here to open the original Instagram post by @mycurvyfashions

Staff Shoutouts

Encourage staff to engage personally with the company’s social media accounts. Ask your staff to shout you out, tag, and repost business posts on their social media accounts. Don’t forget to engage with them.

Start a Meet the Team Series

Introduce staff so that customers can get to know them. It’s fun recognizing someone when you arrive at a business for the first time. Here’s a great example from the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Instagram post, which was also cross-posted on their Facebook Page. Click here to see the original post and get to know Levi.

Social Media Creativity Contest:

Assign staff to take over social media accounts for a set period of time and give a monthly prize for the most creative. Engage customers by asking them to vote on their favourite posts.

I hope you found these 4 social media strategies helpful. If you try any of them out, be sure to tag us in your social media posts so that we can shout you out 🙂

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