Raw Carrots Lead to This…

Things have really changed since I wrote this paragraph back in 04’…

“As the song goes…try a little tenderness. Ok, so the song really isn’t about vegetables but it does apply. Maybe the song I’m actually looking for is respect. Way too often creativity and the flavour potential of vegetables is over looked. I mean who sits around talking about veggies or what can be done to make them appealing and delicious? Really, other than just boiling them (to a flavourless death) maybe adding some butter, salt and pepper what else can we do? And, potatoes? Well, that’s just something we eat out of habit.”

My point at the time was that in certain cuisines (French and Chinese for example) vegetables are respected. Care is taken to bring out their delicate taste with just a dash of butter or oil, using only the minimum amount of liquid or steam necessary. This is still true but…

That’s not what I want to talk about right now.  Fast forward to today and WOW things have changed. We really do sit around talking about veggies. Their many health benefits, the amazing variety and fun ways to eat them. Not only is exchanging vegetable recipes now common place, but caring about how and where they’re grown has become a priority for many of us.

Anyway, trying to figure out an interesting way to prepare carrots for Thanksgiving got me thinking about some recipes I had on my old computer. Searching for those recipes lead me to the article I’d written. Reading it made me realize how much times have changed and how much I have changed.

Besides growing almost a decade older (shudder), I have grown to understand the importance of buying local. Which brings me to my point (finally).

Buy Local Buy Fresh
Buy Local Buy Fresh

If you haven’t gotten around to taking the “buying local” plunge yet, why not start with veggies? While you’re at it, you might as well grab some fruit too.  It’s a win win. You support a local farmer and you get to enjoy FRESH produce. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to start scrolling for some carroty inspiration, which reminds me…..I hope to get around to sharing some of those vegetable recipes really soon.