Marketing Content for Your Social Media Feed

How to upcycle your photos into multiple creatives

Do you struggle with creating fresh marketing content for your social media posts? It can be time-consuming, and it isn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea. Not all businesses can afford to hire professional photographers or graphic designers. Especially right now.

Your social media creatives don’t need to be fancy, but keeping your social media marketing content relevant to your business is a good idea. Most importantly, you and your team should keep taking photos and videos.

Some of us enjoy being digitally creative. I happen to be one of them. But, for those who don’t, there are affordable and free easy to use picture editing apps available.

I use photo editing apps to turn a single photo into multiple social media creatives. While experimenting artistically, I realized that one photo could become multiple eye-catching social media creatives or even turned into videos.

Create marketing content for multiple social media posts from a single picture.

Picture Editing Apps

Some offer free versions, but in return place their watermark on your digital creation. I think that’s a fair practice. While others let you try them free for a limited time.

I stay away from apps that require me to provide payment information in order to qualify for a free limited-time trial. This is done so that they can begin billing as soon as the trial period runs out, which I personally find to be kind of sneaky.

Before testing any apps I check the price to make sure it’s in my budget. There’s no point in falling in love with one that I can’t afford.

Two of my favourite photo editing apps for my iPad are:

  • BeCasso – Picture Art Editor: It’s free to download and does not put watermarks on your work. The paid version gives you access to a more extensive collection of tools and effects. I haven’t upgraded to premium yet but plan to shortly. Right now it’s available for a one-time price of $109.99
  • SuperPhoto – Effects & Filters: The free version comes with in-app advertisements but gives you access to over 300 effects and filters without watermarks. After using it for a few months I paid for the premium version which gives me access to over 1300 effects and filters.

Anyway, hope you find this little trick for turning one pic into multiple marketing content creatives helpful.

As always, pretty please shop local; support your neighbours, your friends and your community.

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