Growing Your Local Business Social Media Accounts

Local Business Social Media Followers; Choose Quality over Quantity

It isn’t about how many people follow your local business social media accounts, it’s ‘who’ that matters. So be careful not to get all wrapped up in how many followers you have. Especially if you are a small business who is specifically serving local clients.

At the time this was posted they had 981 followers. For a small business focused on serving their local community, this is a great number.

Communicate & Populate

Focus on what matters, building a relationship with your customers (followers). When it comes to social media posts, once again quality beats quantity. Provide content that is of interest to your followers. Posting helpful information builds credibility and helps establish you as an expert.

Keep your digital device of choice handy at all times and keep snapping pictures. Encourage clients and staff to take them too. And ask them to share their relevant posts by tagging your business. What a great way to get visits to your social media account! Basically their posts are testimonials from customers and staff alike.

Social Media Timing is Everything

There are many numbers out there suggesting the best days and times for posting on social media. These are helpful for getting started but, you should track your results and get to know what works best for you.

For Example Some Good Times to Post Are

  • Instagram 8-9 am, 2 am & 5 pm
  • Facebook Page 1 pm, 3 pm & 9 am
  • Twitter 12-3 pm & 5 pm

Grow your following by seeking out relevant accounts and engaging with them. Initiate the relationship by liking and making comments on their posts, be genuine.

Local Business Social Media I Love Cowichan Blog Post April 2020

If you have any social media tips you’d like to share with our visitors, please drop me a line. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again soon.

Take care and please be kind.

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