Dear entrepreneur thank you for everything that you do for your community

Dear local entrepreneur,

First, let me say that it’s a joy supporting your locally owned small business.

I don’t like to talk negative on the I Love Cowichan blog and so I’ve been trying to figure out how to broach this important subject. On the other hand, I thought you might appreciate a friendly reminder.

So, I’m just putting this out there.

Some advice to a local entrepreneur
I support local!

As an entrepreneur, please remember…

The person standing in front of you is your loyal customer. Chances are they went the extra mile to be there because they are supporting your small business.

I’m writing this as a client who regularly goes out of their way to support locally owned businesses, especially in the Cowichan Valley. Notice I didn’t use the word shop? That’s because I don’t just shop there or I don’t just dine there. I am there to specifically support my neighbours, my friends, and my community by shopping or hiring locally.

The parking, the hours, the days you are open are not necessarily as convenient as big box stores. Your prices are competitive. However, I understand that your costs are higher. And so, I’m willing to pay a reasonable premium. I do this because you are an entrepreneur who supports local causes and provides fair paying jobs in my community.

Mutual Appreciation

But, as a customer, I also do this because I appreciate the exceptional service that I receive. I value the knowledge, expertise, and passion that entrepreneurs share with their clients. I enjoy being helped by someone who is not only pleasant but knows what they are talking about.

As a customer, I go the extra mile for you the entrepreneur because I trust you and your staff. I do this because I am greeted with a smile, sometimes even by name.  I do this because I leave your small business smiling. I keep coming back because you say thank you and you genuinely appreciate my business.

Please always remember that, and ensure that your staff does too.

Thank you for everything that you do for your customers, your staff and the community!

In the end, I decided that I’m sticking to positive only on the I Love Cowichan blog. No need to share bad experiences. I’d rather thank and encourage entrepreneurs and staff who deliver exceptional customer experiences.

For example, have you heard the one about the orange? I suppose not, because it only happened today so I’ll need a little time to write it up.  Hoping to post it tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled 😉

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