Cowichan Web Support for Local Business

Supporting Cowichan Business On and Off the Web

Our mission is to support Cowichan Valley business growth. We do that by buying as much as we can from locally owned stores, farms, markets and restaurants. First we practice what we preach. Then we tell others about our experience, in person and on the web.

We encourage everyone to SHOP LOCAL, especially youth. We ask that you make it YOUR MISSION to buy local. Support your community, your neighbours and your friends. Got a local company you really like? Tell your friends and shout them out on social media.

Whenever we are particularly happy with service that we’ve received (especially when it’s accompanied by a great big genuine smile) we like to shout it from the highest mountain tops…ok so I don’t actually climb mountains so I shout it out on the web instead 🙂

I Love Cowichan Service with a Smile Web ImageSpeaking of service with smile, we think it’s important to thank people who do a great job at ensuring we enjoy our experience as customers. It may not seem like much, but acknowledging someone who makes that extra effort goes a long way at making their day. It also encourages them to keep up the great work, which in turn keeps people coming back and helps the business grow.

Supporting Local Business on the Web

Another way we can help support Cowichan Valley business growth is by making it affordable and easy to get your business on the Internet. Check out where we teach you how to use the Internet tools and services that we personally use.

We know the prices are fair and the products are easy to use, and that there’s no need to worry about being scammed or ripped off. We speak from experience when we say it’s important to be cautious on the web. If you need help setting up your account and figuring which products to use, don’t hesitate to get in touch 250.710.0594. We’re able to talk you through it or set it up for you.

Web Support for Cowichan Business

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