I Enjoy Supporting Cowichan Owned Businesses Who Support Local Causes

Cowichan Owned Businesses Support Local Causes

One of the reasons I enjoy supporting Cowichan owned businesses is that they support local causes.

The great products, amazing service and warm welcoming smiles that I receive are bonuses!

Take Moo’s Pizza for example. Not only do they make scrumptious pizza, they also regularly fund raise for causes around the Cowichan Valley. This summer they supported local arts by sponsoring musical performances during Walk About Wednesdays at the 39 Days of July summer music festival.

Often they have days when they donate a portion of their sales to support a local cause. Like this one where they donated a portion of pizza sales to the Cowichan Cat Rescue.

Cowichan Cat Rescue is a network of volunteers who help kittens and cats. They practice catch, spay or neuter and release of adult homeless and feral cats. They foster, tame and place feral and homeless kittens. When funds allow, they also provide a low income spay & neuter program.

Moo’s Pizza Helps Feed Local Children

Moo’s Pizza not only feeds us with their yummy food, they also help feed local children by supporting causes like The Full Cupboard Which raises food, funds and awareness for hunger.

“ Did you know that 31.5% of food bank users in British Columbia are children? This startling statistic reflects food bank usage on Vancouver Island. That’s why we launched The Full Cupboard, an innovative community program designed to raise food, funds and awareness for food banks in the communities where Island Savings operates.”  Read more about the Full Cupboard

And yet another fund raising by Moo’s Pizza. This one was for Nourish Cowichan “a society that provides nutritious breakfasts to school children of the Cowichan Valley, supporting them in reaching their full potential.”

Moo’s also offers fundraising opportunities to others who want to raise funds for their local causes, schools or teams. Find out more about their fundraising options by visiting http://www.moospizza.com and check out their mouth watering menu while you’re there.

Local causes and organizations are supported by Cowichan owned businesses and that’s just another great reason to shop locally owned.

Cowichan Owned Businesses Support Cowichan Valley Causes

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