Beach side on Cowichan Lake then lunch in Lake Cowichan

Look out Cowichan Lake here we come!

A Sunday drive out to Cowichan Lake 🌞 What an incredible way to wind down the perfect summer weekend.

The ride out to Gordon Bay Provincial Park is so enjoyably scenic. Nature abounds along the highway from North Cowichan passing through Lake Cowichan, Mesachie Lake, and Honeymoon Bay along the way. This Cowichan Valley road trip is a passenger seat photographer’s dream ride. Especially for one that loves taking pictures of trees. I never get tired of exploring that particular route.

Gordon Bay BC Provincial Park

When I heard something about a beach picnic being planned at Gordon Bay Park I was quick to volunteer us for the ride.  I’m glad I did because what a scorcher out there today. But, we barely felt it at Cowichan Lake.

I always forget how much cooler it is by the lake. Today was no exception. The breeze was just right and it was ever so slightly chilly in the shade.

Speaking of shade, one of the things I particularly love about this Cowichan Lake beach is that there are picnic tables in the shade. Right in amongst the trees and nature.

Gordon Bay Provincial Park Cowichan Lake Vancouver Island BC

Sitting in the forest is my favourite part of Gordon Bay Park. Not only is it a great way to escape the heat, but it also has a magical feel about it. Just a few feet from a beach full of people, and it’s as if I’ve stepped into a peaceful mystical place far from civilization.


I think maybe it’s the combination of trees, moss, and ferns that has me expecting to see some fairies flitting around 🧚‍♀️

Click here to watch more video clips taken at Gordon Bay Provincial Park.

On the way back we stopped at J&V’s Burgers & Pizza. And boy am I ever glad we did. Turns out they have a house-made vegetarian burger, which is off the rails delicious!

Great! Now I’m really hungry. Which reminds me of another poutine fueled I Love Cowichan road trip to Shawnigan Lake. 

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