Celery or Cilantro Recipe? That is the question…

Wasn’t Sure if I Should Call This a Celery or Cilantro Recipe

I love cilantro! There I said it.  Now that that’s out of the way, back to the unanswered question. Is this a celery or cilantro recipe? I mean, it contains more celery but I happen to know that the flavour that packed the most punch was the cilantro.

I know this because this is more of a story than a recipe and it starts with the ending instead of the beginning.

What I mean by that is, I’m sitting here enjoying the outcome of my Green Only Lunch challenge, while I type this I Love Cowichan recipe post. Having the story unfold as it happens in real-time is simply, more genuine. And I have to say, it’s really good. The crispy cilantro was key. Mmmm

Cilantro Recipe Celery Stir Fry on Green Plate
I even used a green dish

Now, where was I? Right. The cilantro recipe. But first…

What’s a Greens Only Lunch Challenge?

Well, I was getting hungry and didn’t feel like making myself anything. But I’d promised myself I’d eat mostly veggies today and take a break from dairy. So I came up with a challenge to motivate myself. What can I say? Challenges work for me.

I had to make myself a savory stir fry using only green ingredients. Which brings us to…

The Must Love Cilantro Recipe

I have a hard time quantifying ingredients. Especially when it comes to veggie stir fry.  Stir fry is a very personal thing. Add however much of your favorites and substitute something you don’t like with a vegetable or herb that you do. You just have to keep it green.

Take the cilantro for example. I used most of a full batch of fresh cilantro. If you prefer Italian parsley or something else, use that.

Chopped up four stalks of celery and a fresh bunch of cilantro. Heated some grapeseed oil (made from green grapes) in the pan and added the celery and cilantro. Yeah! Now that it’s finally affordable again, I’ve been celerybrating 😉 this week. Chopped up and added four green onions. Tossed in a couple of pinches of dried chopped shallots. Chopped two strands of garlic scapes. Covered the greens with Sutton Creek Greek Spice blend.

And voila…my yummy green only stir fry aka the Must Love Cilantro Recipe

Must Love Cilantro Recipe
Crispy just like I wanted

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