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…said so as to sound like blah, blah, blah.

Oh I should blog this or hey I should blog about that. You don’t know how many times per day that thought pops into my head. Well, I guess you could say that technically I don’t actually know how many times either, but I do know it’s a lot.

I feel like a genius composing the perfect blog entry in my mind as I cook, clean, shower whatever it is I’m doing at that exact millisecond. As sung by Maria in West Side Story, “I feel pretty and witty and bright!”

So riddle me this…

What happens when after creating this witty, smart blog post in my head I finally make it to my laptop? You guessed it; nothing. I find myself sitting (once again) staring at the blank screen. Well not exactly a blank screen, but the Word page is a blank.

Today I was good though. Had a bunch of fun local tid bits to share with you. I was smiling, it was sunny and I sat down with the perfect cup of coffee. Then something bad happened and I knew about it right away.  I was on Twitter when it happened. People were tweeting live.  An awful hashtag with the word shooting in it appeared on the trending list. It neared the top fast. Live on the scene tweets were talking about fatalities.

Blog entry hijacked by school shooting in OregonMy heart literally felt heavy and ached. I’d be lying if I said tears didn’t well up in my eyes. So much waste, so much pain, so many families torn apart. Just like that.

Being on social media, having a blog, working online sometimes means seeing things terrible unfold (almost as if first hand) right before your very eyes.

To all the victims and families of the UCCS shooting in Oregon, my heart goes out to you. I wish there was something I could do to help ease the pain.

To Kayla Marie I am happy you are safe. Please be well.


I will try again another day to leave you with a witty and bright (maybe even pretty too) blog entry. For now I will go and mourn. It is a sad and violent time, but I believe this too shall pass. People in general are kind and good.

Take care and love the ones you’re with!


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